Website creation

Work namePrice

Online store business pack

Website with online store, Corporative email, VPS hosting on dedicated resources

From 499

Multi-page company website pack

Multi-page website, Corporative email, VPS hosting on dedicated resources

From 399

One-page company website pack

One-page website, Corporative email, VPS hosting on dedicated resources

From 299

Website services

Work namePrice

Additional page creation

The price depends on the amount of information that the created page must contain

From 30 /page

Creating a copy of the website for further translation

We will create a copy of the website for another language with access by its abbreviation, for example:


Translation website into another language

Price depends on language and amount of text on page

From 20 /page

Preparing graphics

Includes searching for the necessary graphic information and processing it in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator

30 /hour

Creating texts

Creating text content for a website

30 /hour

Setting up servers

Work namePrice

Email server

Your own corporate email server on your domain name, like


DokioCRM server

Your own self-hosted eCommerce warehouse system


File server

Setup of VPS for storing, managing, and providing access to files and data.


DNS server

Designed to manage your own 3rd level domain zone. Consists of 2 servers – ns1 and ns2


IT services

Work namePrice


Development of additional functionality for the website, Web apps development etc/

20 /hour

Technical support

Assistance and troubleshooting for issues related to functionality of website, VPS etc.

20 /hour

Fully managed service by subscription

Range of services designed to offload the technical responsibilities of server management from the user or client

From 39 /month

Other type of IT service

20 /hour


Personal training in working with the website, system, etc.

50 /hour