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Corporate mail

A corporate domain email (e.g., boosts your business credibility with customers and partners.

VPS hosting

The website gets dedicated hosting resources – IP address, CPUs, RAM, SSD – scalable as your business grows.


Our CRM syncs with the online store for easy product management, orders uploads, sales analytics and much more

Basic setup

Basic system setup included: Firewall, Daily auto-backups of site and databases, FTP server, SSL certificates auto renewal


what you can get

What’s included in the base price?

The base price of the website includes the following parts and the information they contain:

Header & menu

This is the main part of your site. It can consists of the next information:

  • Menu for quickly jumping to other parts of the web page
  • A launch screen or carousel containing your company’s main offerings, slogan or short description

Offer block

Block where you briefly and concisely explain what you do for your audience. Here you can tell about the key advantages of your products or services


This page contains information about your company, its history, achievements and advantages

Our team

The section where you introduce your team.

Customer reviews

This displays customer reviews of your products or services, or their experience with your company.

Partner logo strip

Several logos of companies that are your partners. As a rule, they are displayed statically or in the form of a moving strip

News from blog

A blog for an online store is a section of a website in which news or articles are regularly published. A blog makes it possible to regularly increase the volume of useful website content, which means increasing the authority of the resource and strengthening search engine promotion.


Typically this page contains the following parts:

  • Phone, email, office or post address, etc.
  • Point on a map – a map with a dot on it allows your customers to quickly find your business locations
  • Business hours. If you have an offline office, store or service, you can include information about opening hours in this part
  • Contact form. A feedback form is a convenient and effective way to get contact information for people visiting your website. Usually this is the name, email, and phone number


what are the stages?

Project implementation procedure

Complete and submit the brief Complete our tailored questionnaire (brief) to help us understand your challenges better. The more detailed your answers, the clearer the task ahead for us.
Discussion of the project We analyze your brief, clarify details, and determine the project cost.
Agreement conclusion Receive a pre-signed contract via email, sign it, and send back your signed copy.
You pay for your ordered website We issue you an invoice and expect payment from you
We register all initial accounts We link all your registered accounts, like domain registrar and hosting, to a new Google account. Next, we register the domain name. All you have to do is subsequently visit their sites and pay for their domain name and hosting services. We provide detailed instructions on how to do this. We give you logins and passwords for access to all accounts (Google, domain name registrar and hosting company).
First version of main page creation Create and finalize the initial homepage design with your approval. At this stage, the design of the website is finished.
VPS ordering and site deployment We order a VPS server and install mail server, website CRM on it. We also carry out work on the initial setup of the VPS server: Firewall, Daily auto-backups of site and databases, FTPserver, SSL certificates auto renewal.
Testing and work acceptance We test the operation of the site, CRM, sending notifications by email. Finally, you accept the work and sign the work acceptance certificate, after which we give you all the remaining access data: root access to the server, passwords for the website admin panel, FTP, master account email. You will also receive instructions on how to change passwords.


Any questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have not found the answer to your question, contact us – we will be happy to answer all your questions

The basic VPS configuration always depends on the server load, and therefore on the size of your business. The basic configuration is usually 1 CPU core, 2 GB of memory, 20 GB SSD. As your business grows and the server load grows, its configuration will change towards increasing capacity.

Payment by credit/debit cards may be available in the online store. To do this you need:

  1. Get Payment Gateway account (such as Stripe, 2Checkout)
  2. Finalize approval process. Being approved for a payment gateway involves demonstrating to the payment service provider that your business is legitimate, reliable, and meets their requirements. For this step prepare and provide necessary business documentation: business registration documents, business bank account information, tax identification number (TIN) or employer identification number (EIN), proof of business address. This list of documents may vary depending on the payment gateway company.
  3. Provide us with your account access information. We will set up all further steps to connect your online store to a payment gateway and accept card payments.

It depends on its configuration and hosting company. For example, in Kamatera, where we host our VPS, the cost of a configuration of 1 CPU core, 2 GB of memory and 20 GB of SSD starts at $6 per month (this is a minimal configuration for online store and mail server). If you want to add CRM, then the monthly payment will be around $9.
It is also necessary to pay for domain name renewal, this is approximately $10-15 per year.

We believe that a domain name is the foundation of a business. It must belong to the business owner. So yes, the domain name belongs to you.

A small website can be completed in a week, provided that the customer promptly provides all the necessary information requested by us, such as pictures, texts, logos, etc.

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