What is Payoneer?

Payoneer is a payment platform that businesses use to request payment from customers. Payoneer allows merchants to send and receive payments without requiring a merchant account. Payoneer does not let merchants directly bill customers. Instead, businesses request payment through the platform and wait for customers to remit funds.

Notify that by Payoneer rules, we accept Payoneer transfers only from Individuals/Companies.

Payment process

All payments occur only after our request for payment through a Payoneer system:

Step 1. Send us an email with a request to make a payment through Payoneer. If you are making a payment through Payoneer for the first time, send the following information along with the request:


  • Company name
  • Website URL
  • Contact first name
  • Contact last name
  • Email
  • Country


  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email
  • Country

Step 2. You receive an email with the payment request details and can pay you using one of several supported payment methods.

This table describes all payment methods you can use with Payoneer:


Please mind that in accordance with chapter 4 of our Terms and Conditions, all costs (bank commissions) associated with the payment of our services are borne by the client.
Note that we credit your ERPHY account only after the money has been credited to our Payoneer account