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Briefly about ERPHY

ERPHY is an multilingual Ecommerce ERP/CRM. It has a full warehouse product cycle description (from supplier's order to shipment), it contains the financial part of your business, and it has an integration with WooCommerce - the most popular Ecommerce platformm in the world!






Main features of ERPHY

ERPHY is a dynamically developing system. At the moment it has quite a lot of functionality.
Listed below are just a small part of the main out-of-the-box functions.



  • Purchase orders
  • Acceptances
  • Returns to suppliers


  • Multiple price types
  • Managing customer orders
  • Goods reservation

Goods accounting

  • Organizing products by category
  • Product's operations history


  • Multi-departments (warehouses) system
  • Real-time stock visibility
  • Goods Inventory, Postings and Write-offs
  • Minumum in-stock balance control
  • Warehouse logistics



  • Accounting for payments to suppliers
  • Accounting for payments from customers
  • Control bank and cash payments
  • Control of overdue invoices and shipments


  • Powerful dashboard
  • P&L reports
  • Mutual payments report grouped by dates
  • Detailed payments report by docs
  • Money flow report
  • Sales volume analytics by employee or goods
  • Monitoring the average cost of goods


  • Closing balances with counterparties
  • Bank acconts balances
  • Cash rooms balances
  • Operating expenses accounting


Basic functionality

  • All counterparties in the one database
  • User management and access control
  • File storage and management
  • Support of the barcode scanners (HID)


  • Custom print menu
  • Printing documents from user-defined templates
  • Printing labels from user-defined templates


  • Integration with Woocommerce


  • Multi-language interface (now is En, Ru)
  • World-wide date and time formats support
  • Timezones support
  • User defined sales taxes support
  • User defined document statuses

Online store integration

You can easy make your ERPHY goods available through the online store, and get the customers orders from the online store to ERPHY. The example of online store with filters by categories and attributes is here


You can sell your products in an online store in a language convenient for your customers.
In the ERPHY interface, you can translate products, categories, and attributes into various languages.
The example of multilingual online catalog is here

Multi stores

You can also connect any number of online stores to one ERPHY account. This can be useful if the entire product range of your business is not included in the format of one online store.

Also, the same products can be presented in different online stores.

An example of a multilingual restaurant website

Are you the owner of a restaurant, pizzeria or cafe, and still do not have the delivery of ordered dishes? Expand the range of your business. This is an example of a restaurant website based on a free template. It allows you to take orders for your dishes, increasing your profits. Multilingualism of the site further increases the reach of your potential buyers. And with the help of the ERPHY system, you can always analyze which dishes sell better, how much each employee sells and how much profit your restaurant has.

See how it works

An example of an online Real estate catalog

Do you own a real estate agency but still don't have a website? This is an example of a multilingual real estate catalog. Get more customer coverage, more real estate impressions and, as a result, more profit!

  • Categories by any parameters
  • Any filters (by Type of property, bedrooms etc.)
  • Multilingual
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Flexible plan for small business

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eCommerce by subscription

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Your data is completely isolated from other users' data using a separate database. The price is for the minimum configuration: vCPU: 1, RAM: 2 GB, SSD: 20 GB. Ready-made website, hosting and technical support included.
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*Resources are limited only by the capacity of the VPS server